A Love Beyond The Society

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Surupa is 27 years old, She is very beautiful and has a fair complexion. Surupa is a perfect housewife. Surupa has been married for two years. Surupa has a desire to do a job.

Heart – Sad Love Story

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Love story of a single mother

But her in-laws are not in favour of her doing a job. She never thought that she would get married in such a conservative family. In her school and college she never got the chance to experience any relationships. She got married just after her college was over.


For the last two years all she has been doing is taking care of every little thing of her in-laws and making her husband happy and satisfied. Her life has stuck in this maze. Surupa wants to get out of this maze and wants to live her life. She wants to be independent and opt for a job.

 One day Surupa got a call from her college friend. She was overjoyed by getting the call from her friend after so long. Her friend told her that their classmate Rudra from college has started up a company and she is employed there.


She further tells her that there is a vacancy for a receptionist in the company. Since Surupa is good looking and can speak English fluently, Surupai would be the best choice for this job. Surupa took the opportunity and agreed to take the job.Surupa was extremely happy. But she was worried about her in-laws.

She told her friend about her in-laws who are against her doing a job. Her friend said that she will come in person and will try to convince her inlaws and husband.

Then her friend came to Surupa’s house and spoke to her in-laws and husband about everything. Although at first they were hesitating but finally after a lot of convincing they finally agreed as Surupa’s friend assured them that she will take full care and responsibility of Surupa. Surupa was very excited and could not express her happiness.


From tomorrow she will go to the office. From tomorrow she will start a new journey of her life.

 Surupa goes to the office the next day. Get her introduced with everyone. She also met with the owner of the company, Rudra, her classmate from college. Rudra is a very polite and amiable boy.

He was of Surupa’s age.After all the formalities all got busy with their work. Surupa goes to the office everyday. She works with full dedication. During lunch break, she interacts with everyone. She speaks with Rudra as well.

Its already been a month. Surupa is very happy to get her first salary. Her husband and the rest of the in-laws were also happy by the fact that there will be an extra earning family from now onwards.


Surupa got her freedom but along with that she got a heavy workload from the office. Due to which she started coming back home late. But now her family members were not bothered by this.

In course of time Surupa got to know Rudra a little more. They started to interact oftenly. They used to have long conversations on different topics.

Sometimes they would get so engaged with each other that they would forget what time it is. Gradually a bond was developed between them.


Surupa found Rudra very attractive and started to feel for him in a different way. She knew that she was wrong somewhere so she discussed her feelings for Rudra with her friend.

Her friend told her that since she had not experienced any relationships before and got married very soon these things are new to her. Such feelings are very natural and common in girls like Surupa.

After listening to her friend Surupa was a lot relaxed. No matter what she knew that she had to deal with it. She has to continue to go to office for her freedom, for money, for Rudra and for love.