An Affair can’t be Wrong Every Time

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Sritama was an obedient daughter of her parents. She used to listen and follow everything from her parents since childhood. She thought that she would succeed in life only if she listens to her parents.

She was always good at studies. But in terms of looks she was average. Hence she never came across what love is because almost all the boys are fond of beauty only. But these things never bothered Sritama.

একাকীত্ব না ভালোবাসা ?

সন্তানের মা হলে কি ভালোবাসা বারণ ?

An Affair can’t be Wrong Every Time

Although she was least bothered but at some point of life she wanted love as well like every other girl and thought that she will get love only after marriage. She always wanted to marry a guy which her parents will choose for her so that they will be happy as well. 

Sritama did not have much difficulty in getting a job due to her good academics. A few months after finishing college, she got a high-ranking job in a private company.

After she got a job her parents started to think about her marriage. They started looking for suitable guys for Sritama. Finally they liked a guy and decided to fix the marriage.The boy’s name is Kaushik.

Kaushik was doing  government service which made Sritama’s family even more interested in him. They fixed a meeting and after all the mutual decisions they agreed for the marriage.

Almost after a month they got married so both of them didn’t get much time to get to know each other. Sritama thought that after marriage they would get to know each other but a few days after the marriage,she was proved wrong.


 She realizes that Kaushik has something going on in his life. Both of them go to work in the morning and return in the evening.So there is very much less time for their interaction.

Even after coming back from the office Kaushik does not interact with Sritama . He is always busy with his phone and Sritama notices that while he is on the phone he smiles occasionally.

Sritama gets very distured by all these. She thinks that they don’t even share their basic feelings then how can she expect love from him. One night when Sritama was almost asleep, Kaushik’s phone rang. Sritama woke up, but she pretended to be asleep.


Kaushik picked up the phone very carefully and started whispering over the phone. Sritama’s suspicion was true.She got to know that Kaushik was having an Affair.

Sritama felt very angry and disgusted. She was disappointed with her parents and thought her parents got her marriage arranged with a guy who is in love with another girl.

Her life has become so unfortunate but she didn’t want to spend her life like this so she decided to explore her life. 


The next day Sritama went to the office. She had a colleague who was junior to her name Subhajit, and was staring at her. Subhajit used to stare at Sritama but Sritama has not noticed that for so long.

When  she found out that Subhajit stares at her she felt really good and she felt something different. After office Sritama herself approached Subhajit for a conversation. Within minutes, Sritama started liking the boy. She felt really good  while talking to him as no one ever has spoken to her in that way and listened to her with that interest.

Then they decided to go to a restaurant. They were eating, laughing and staring at each other. A bond was built within them within a very few amount of time. Both were so lost in each other that they forgot that it’s already 9 o’clock in the night.


Sritama suddenly sees the clock and realizes that she has to leave. Before leaving Subhajit grabbed Sritama’s hand which made her feel good and she smiled back.smiles. In that touch, Sritama found her own identity. 

Sritama returned home in a very happy mood. Sritama understood that she lost her happiness just to make everyone else happy. She realises that everyone needs to be happy. Everyone needs love in life no matter what the time is and what the age is.

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