An Extra Marital Affir that i Will Never Forget

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My name is Mahi. My marriage has been 6 years now. We have a 2-year-old daughter. I work in a big Indian school. I had an arranged marriage. But we played each other for the same year. Yet, I am still leading an everyday life. But my life deteriorated when I was transferred to a different branch of my school in the same city one day.

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A letter to my love

A Love Beyond The Society

One day, I saw a teacher named Manohar passing through his class at some distance. I couldn’t see her directly. But he was in my eyes. I started loving him very much. At first, I only looked at her casually. But soon, I started watching him consciously. Whenever he went to the staff room to fetch a duster and a book in front of my class, I used to see him. I would also see her going to another class with her co-teachers, Mahesh and Neha. I was crazy for him.


I just used to think about it day and night. Initially, I did not feel that something was happening to me. I did not miss a single opportunity to look at him. It lasted for about 3 months. By now, I had decided that I would try to talk to him. I thought at least we could be good friends. He was my junior in school.


And we both taught different classes. He was much older than me. But they say that my love was blind, so was mine. We did not interact with each other at all. But we saw each other at least three or four times a day. I felt that I should hold him tightly and tell him wholeheartedly kisses that not every dream is fulfilled. So I decided to wish him on New Year’s Day. This was the first time we had a 5-second conversation with each other.


One day, I received praise from my seniors for winning my student in a running competition. He came forward, and he congratulated me. I am delighted to swear. And we were both members of the school’s general chat group. So I knew his number. But I had never messaged him till now. This seemed like a good opportunity, so I messaged him on WhatsApp that day. We started talking. We talked about our hobbies and the books we study.


And on that day, I told him about my heart that I started loving him from the first day. I used to think about that day and night. Then we talked about our favourite music, films, actors, actresses, and writers. We also talked about the weather and some of the things going on in our city. At the end of each conversation, we realized that our talk was prevalent. I found our conversation very sweet. Our chat slowly picked up speed, and we chatted throughout the day.


We chatted while attending the official meeting and also having our lunch. Sometimes we used to talk in the evening, and the same process went on till late in the night. Gradually we started praising each other. We did not waste a single opportunity to look at each other and exchanged smiles. In a way, we started expressing our love for each other within 2 weeks. We were so deeply in love with each other that we started talking almost all the time.


We rarely spoke directly because we constantly gossiped, and we could not even know when it was from morning to night. I was happier than before. And this feeling was so special to me. It seemed like I was making love for the first time. This was not my first extramarital affair. We met for the first time in my car. And at the same time, we started kissing each other.


After that day, we used to meet at the office regularly. I always met her at a nearby pickup point. And she used to board her bus from there. In this way, we were able to meet for 40–45 minutes every working day. Slowly we started touching and caressing each other. After a while, I gently touched her thighs. Whenever we met, we would go one step further. And every time they used to do something with each other.


Every time we used to meet, I never knew when our time was out. But my husband became suspicious with each passing day. But we used to meet regularly. We madly loved each other. We caressed each other and finally had intercourse 4 times by evening. But even then, I did not get filled up. I loved her company.


But everything is over now. Our relationship lasted for 6 months, but I have not been able to forget it yet. Now we have become good friends. I respect her very much. I know that he will always be in a particular corner of my heart. And I will never forget this little love story of ours.

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  1. All rubbish english,at the end everyone is confused because sometimes it’s a ” he ” and sometimes a “she”, so, first learn the language and grammar properly and then start writing.


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