A letter to my love

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One day Manisha received a letter. It was a handwritten letter full of love. In that letter someone has proposed to Manisha. But the person’s name is not written on the letter.

Manisha has no idea who it could be with such a beautiful handwriting. She doesn’t know anyone whose handwriting is this clear and beautiful. Manisha fell in love with the sender of the letter only by seeing the handwriting.

নিজেকে খুশি রাখা দরকার। কাউকে ভালোবাসাটা দরকার।

অসম্পূর্ণ ভালোবাসা | ছোঁয়া লেগেছিল মাএ

রুমার কথা | ভালোবাসা কী সত্যিই আমি জানি না

 Manisha has been married for six months now. It was an arranged Marriage. Manisha got married within a few months from when her parents were finding the right guy for her.

Her husband’s name is Pranab. Pranab has big business. And Manisha runs a small boutique from home. So they were quite wealthy. Even after six months of marriage, Manisha has still not opened up properly with her husband.


She still feels a little shy in front of her husband. Pranab also feels the same. There is a physical relationship between them but there is still a feeling of hesitation. 

Pranab returned home from work in the evening. Manisha serves him food, then goes to the kitchen. She has not told Pranab anything about the letter. Pranab ate  the food and got busy with his work again.

At night after completing her work she went to the bedroom and laid beside Pranab. Pranab was asleep by then. Manisha was thinking about the letter and this is the first time something like this has happened to her. 


The next morning Pranab went for work as usual. Manisha also finished her boutique work and came back home at noon. Just then she noticed a piece of paper peeking out from under the pillow.

She pulled it out and saw that it was a new letter just like the one she got the previous day. Again a love letter written in the same beautiful handwriting. Manisha was very surprised.

She wondered how the sender of the letter knows her home address? In Spite of this she felt happy in her mind. She was wondering whether she should feel this way, is it really okay to have an extramarital affair.


But in a second she realised that she is married. She realised how wrong it is to cheat her husband like this. She then made up her mind and decided to tell her husband everything  when he would come back home.

 Pranab returned home in the evening. With both the letters in her hand, Manisha slowly went to Pranab with a frown. Manisha said –

 – Listen I have something to say. 

– Tell me what you want to say? Why are you so numb? 

Manisha handed him both the handwritten letters. Pranab took those letters and asked –

 – What are these? 


– These are letters. Someone has been sending me these letters since last few days. I didn’t tell you about this earlier. But today he came to our home and left it under the pillow.I got worried so I am telling you now.

 – Damn, you ruined all the fun. 

– What! 

Pranab took a letter out of his pocket. Manisha saw that it was exactly like the previous ones. Manisha asked –

  • Really? You were the one sending me these letters?
  • Yes, I would have left this letter in the drawer of your dressing table tomorrow.

  – But, your handwriting is not like this. 

– I can write with my left hand, madam. This is my left handwriting. I haven’t told you about this before or after marriage. So you had no idea about this.

 Manisha hugs Pranab happily and today she finally found true love.

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