Love is blind…!

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Hello friends, my name is sutapa and today I am going to share my painful love story with you. Friends, I had heard that love is blind, but my love story was very bad. I didn’t know what is missing in my love, that he could never understand me or he had never tried to understand me. I was crazy, and I was finding different ways to make him my own. But it is said that if someone does not understand, then it is useless to explain it. What did I not do to make him my own? But he sometimes tried to make me his own. Or was it not love at all.


It may not be known that he does not really love me, but I loved him so much, this is the time when I went to school with my friends on a school trip. And there were many other children from the different school. but one was my love, Rohit, Rohit was a fair-skinned, tall and young boy. All the girls used to die on him. But I was not interested in him. But during the trip my friend told me that Rohit is calling you, he is asking about you, I went to meet him. So When I talked to him, I was completely taken aback by him. I had never thought That I will be totally mental on him, like other girls, and I will not feel like coming back from that trip. And that was the only boy. who taught me the true meaning of love. Me and Rohit would often talk on the phone for hours. We started to feel good with each other’s company. In this way, when our friendship was so deep in love, so we used to talk to each other a lot.


Like, how are you doing, did you eat, and if you have not eaten, so why you did not eat. we Used to talk about such nonsense. But one day Rohit called me to meet him. He wanted to meet me with his friends. We went out for a walk. Rohit had a best friend, his name was Akshay. One day Akshay told me that Rohit is not a good boy, at first I also did not believe his words. He also said that Rohit is pretending to love me. So, I felt very sad to know that seems like my life had ended. I loved Rohit more than myself, so when I heard this, my mind had blown away. But I did not take it seriously at all. And I went to Rohit and told the whole conversation to him, But he somehow explained to me, that how he loves me. Which was my biggest mistake. I made a big mistake by loving Rohit. Therefore, we should never believe anyone’s words too quickly. This world is very fast and if you want to live here, you have to be clever or else these people will bother you. So finally after a few days, Akshay’s talk proved to be true and that I was afraid of that. So as Akshay had said that Rohit is not a good boy, he was let me know that never trust his words. So the same thing happened reality, because one day suddenly Rohit went somewhere. It was a shock for me. I was not able to bear all this. I used to miss him day and night.

I did not sleep overnight. And I used to cry a lot in his memories, he would go like this, I did not even think that. really Rohit ruined my life. And today, I am regretting a lot. I am sorry why I did not listen to Akshay. And later I came to know that Rohit had killed Akshay too. And broke his leg, and he ruined his life. Today Akshay’s parents are very sad because Rohit destroyed Akshays life.

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