Love story of a single mother

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When the husband is in another country , the wife has to go through many difficulties. Especially if the woman is an employee and a single mother. Mallika is such a woman. Mallika is only thirty years old.

Her husband is working in Australia. Mallika works in Calcutta. She does not want to quit her job and so she doesn’t have the option to live with her husband.

They only get the chance to stay together only for one month once in a year. They have been married for five years and have a three-year-old daughter. The girl’s name is Suzanne.

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A letter to my love

Suzanne lives with Mallika. In the morning Mallika goes to the office after dropping Suzanne to school. Then at noon the school bus drops Suzanne off in front of the house.

After coming back from school Suzanne takes out the food from the fridge and eats by herself, and then she takes a nap.

Then in the afternoon Mallika returns home and then she spends time with Suzanne and plays with her sometimes.

And at night Mallika talks with her husband Parthar through video call.This is how their daily routine is.


 Mallika has become very strong due to being alone like this for a very long time. But somewhere or other there are always some needs of a woman, be it physical or mental.

In this busy schedule she dont get enough time to interact with her husband and it becomes difficult to share everything over a video call. And this is where Mallika’s focus goes to Apratim.

Apratim comes home every evening to teach Suzanne. Apratim is 26 years old. Every evening at seven o’clock Apratim comes for the class. Class ends at nine o’clock. At first, there were no such conversations between Apratim and Mallika.

While  Mallika used to offer some snacks to Apratim only at that span of time they used to share some words . But afterwards their interaction increased a little bit.

Mallika and Apratim gradually started  to have proper conversations. They started talking about happiness, families and life. Even though Suzanne’s class used to get over at 9 o’clock, he did not used to leave.


They would have conversations for one more hour then he would leave. Mallika started to consult with Apratim before deciding on various matters. This was going on for a while.

In these few days, he has become a lot like someone who is closest to both of them. Suzanne no more misses the place of her father. Apratim also got the full right to love and rule Suzanne like a father from Mallika. 

Gradually the bond between them increases. He started coming even during the day but in a complete sense of pure love.

But the neighbors were not happy by these visits. They started making assumptions about Apratim and Mallika. But Mallika didn’t care at all. She knew that how will they understand the pain of a wife whose husband is far away?

Mallika has been raising Suzanne alone for these three years. No one came at that time to help her out in any matter. So why are they so sorry now?

One day Apratim came to Mallika’s house in the evening. At that time some boys from the neighborhood surrounded him. They started to charge Apratim and warned him that he should not be seen there any longer.


They were about to beat up Apratim. Just then Mallika arrived from the office.

Seeing such a situation, she immediately came in front of Apratim and stood up against the others and gave them a strong answer.

 Apratim saw a different Mallika that day. He understood that how women take the form of Lakshmi during love, they do not hesitate to take the form of Chandal Kali to keep that love.

He fell in love with Mallika more that day. And without saying anything, Mallika explained how much she loves Apratim.

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