The Death of Gym Love Story

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Hello friends, my name is Himani. I am sharing my real love story with you. Wait, this rate is my story, because the love story may not have been made …… !! When I was 18, my class 12 result came in which my marks were not good, and there was a lot of tension in the house.

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Heart – Sad Love Story

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Love story of a single mother

Father and mother also had to fight a lot. I used to feel quite alone. I always felt like there was no one to take care of me… I remember the day of August 12, the day I met Raj for the first time. I met Raj for the first time at my gym. Raj looked very much like Hrithik Roshan.


He was a boy of blonde, tall and single body, and his physique was beautiful… !! I often used to go to the gym to stay away from my tension, where many of my friends had also become friends.

I also tried to talk to Raj quite a few times but could never dare. Raj used to keep looking at me, but he also never said anything. One day when the Aqua guard of the gym was spoiled, and I was looking for water to drink, Raj brought water for me, and that day, we talked for the first time. Perhaps Raj also liked me… Well, from that day onwards, we started talking every day.


One day we had a party in the gym where me and Raj sat and shared many things, and in this way, we became excellent friends and started talking a lot, and Raj also told me that he likes me. I used to like him too, but at that time I could not speak anything…. One day while working out in the gym, I do not know how she fainted.


When my eyes opened, I was in the hospital where I was brought with the secret. He was talking to the doctor. Maybe the doctor told him that I need blood, and he refused to give it. At that time, I could not understand anything. When I asked Raj a few days later that he would not give blood, he refused to tell me that it is his life and it is his will whether he gives blood to anyone or not. I felt a bit bad to hear this, but I still loved Raj, so I ignored it. After a few days, I stopped going to the gym, and now my and Raj’s talks could not be done much because now we could meet less often.


When I was going somewhere by car with my mother and father, we saw an accident on the way, and it was unfortunate that the accident happened. I became unfortunate to see Raj in that condition. Well, we took him to the hospital from where Raj saved doctors after 5 hours of operation. The very next day, I went to meet Raj again at the hospital. Raj was lying on his bed.


On seeing me, he gave me a golden ring and said something. Maybe he called me “I love you”. I was delighted that day I met Raj… The next day I got a call from the hospital at my house, and the doctors said that “Raj has died because his blood was infected, due to which his entire body was infected.

After hearing about Raj’s death, I went mad. It was done. I could not believe that Raj had left me and left. Today Raj is not with me, but I will never forget those few days spent in the gym with him. Raj is gone forever, but his love will always be with me …… !! I Love You, Raj…. !!

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