True love never dies

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Sujata had a love marriage not an arranged marriage. Today, two years have passed since that auspicious day. Many boys used to stalk her during her school and college days as she was a beauty.

But she didn’t pay attention to anyone as such. Because Sujata wanted a man of her dreams, a man with whom she would spend her whole life. That dream has come true.

সন্তানের মা হলে কি ভালোবাসা বারণ ?

চিঠি। ভালোবাসার মূল অস্ত্র।

An Affair can’t be Wrong Every Time

সংসারের চোখ রাঙানি এড়িয়ে এ এক অদ্ভুত ভালোবাসা

While studying in the third year of college, she met Rohit. Rohit works in a multinational company. A love affair started between them. During their first family meeting  Sujata’s parents liked Rohit and were absolutely happy with their relationship and Sujata was liked by Rohit’s Parents as well.


Then they got married. After the marriage, Sujata thought that she had got everything she wanted from life. All her dreams finally came true. The newlyweds were having a happy time. Sujata was so happy and indulged with her marriage that she didn’t care about the world. 

One of the boys who used to stalk Sujata in college was Suman, Sujata’s classmate. Despite having in the same department, the same classroom, Sujata never took Suman seriously.

But, Suman was very much in love with Sujata. Now Suman is back in Sujata’s life. When Rohit goes to office for work Sujata feels very alone in the house. She always feels very bored.


Due to boredom she was always on her phone. Her eyes were always on the phone screen. One day, she was doing facebook and she suddenly saw something. There was a friend request from her classmate Suman which was sent to her four years ago.

She then accepted the request. In a few seconds Suman messaged her and said ‘ Hi atlast you accepted my request’ and then they started talking.they started talking frequently and almost everyday.

Their conversations became deeper and interesting. Unknowingly these chats were leaving an impression in Sujata’s heart. 

They used to talk every day around ten in the morning. Starting from the morning to night they were always chatting and their conversations had no end. It was impossible to keep track of how much they talk.

Nowadays Sujata is eagerly  waiting for Rohit to go to the office and it made her a little sad when it was the time for Rohit to return from the office in the evening ,which was not supposed to happen.


It was not always like this .Sujata used to be so happy when Rohit returned home from the office then why not now? Sujata kept asking herself many questions and tried finding the answers. Earlier she used to get super excited by seeing Rohit then why is it not happening now?

Sujata was sinking into the depths of her thoughts.One more question was flashing in her mind repeatedly that what is the role of Suman in her life? Is he just a companion of her loneliness? Has she started to develop feelings for Suman? Is she in love with him?

Sujata was really confused. Is it really possible to love two people at the same time? All these questions made Sujata very restless and impatient. 


One night when Rohit was asleep, Sujata texted Suman. Suman was very surprised to get Sujata’s text at that time.Suman got even more surprised when he got a message from Sujata that said ‘I Love You’.When Sujata confessed her feelings she was in tears.

In the meantime Rohit was awake and he saw everything without knowing of Sujata. The next day, Sujata and Rohit got into a commotion. Rohit checked Sujata’s phone. He saw all the messages and got very angry that he threw her phone and slapped Sujata and stormed out by saying that he will come with a lawyer and divorce papers.

Sujata started crying profusely. Her tears were rolling down her cheeks. She grabbed the phone and saw that it was completely broken and was not working anymore. Almost stunned, in a state of insanity, Sujata started to wonder what she will do now. 


Just then someone shouted ‘I love you, I love you’ from behind. Sujata turned back and saw it was Suman and got really surprised.  Suman was in love with Sujata for a very long time so he knew where she lived.

By not getting replies of his messages Suman knew something was wrong so he came to check first in the morning. On that day, Sujata realizes that no matter what happens, true love never dies, never dies.

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